Water Activity Meter

Model : EZ-200
FREUND Water Activity Analyzer EZ-200 l TE Lab Technology - Water Activity Meter Measured by AOAC-accredited analysis principle-resistance impedance principle, Water activity analyzer, analyze and display the curve chart and calibrate the standard can be reused, Shorten the detection time, with a desiccant that quickly reduces the water activity value, Not easily affected by alcohol, the water activity meter can save 100 pieces of data, And can use USB output, Manufactured by a well-known factory with a history of 50 years in Japan, with perfect after-sales service, you can buy with confidence.

OHS Series Overhead Stirrers

Model : OHS Series
OHS 200 Digital is designed to guarantee the highest safety standards. The resistant sealed housing and the IP 54 Protection Rating guarantee durability even in the most aggressive environments. Integrated overload, overtemperature, and overcurrent safety alarms will preserve the performance over time and stop stirring for maximum safety in your lab. Safe start and stop knob operation and lock key avoid unintended stat up and changes of the working conditions. OHS 200 Digital ensures continuous operation and is backed by 3 Years Warranty extension.

WIZARD IR Infrared Vortex Mixer

Model : Wizard
VELP Scientifica is the only company in the world to offer the innovative and revolutionary IR Sensor, for an outstanding efficiency and exclusive comfort. As soon the test tube is detected, the instrument automatically starts vibrating, without the need for any pressure! Compared with the traditional touch mode, the patented infrared sensor technology ensures a drastic reduction in repetitive strain.

Ceramic Digital Heating Magnetic Stirrer

Model : AREC
AREC|Ceramic Digital Heating Magnetic Stirrer​ *The AREC ceramic hotplate stirrer is designed for laboratories requiring precise temperature setting of the heating plate and powerful stirring for titrations or sample and buffer solutions preparation. *AREC is equipped with a cutting-edge Heating Plate technology engineered by VELP that ensures temperature homogeneity, thermal efficiency and durable heating performance over time. *The powerful motor of the AREC stirs volumes up to 15 liters (H2O) with an excellent magnetic coupling. *With stirring speed setting from 50 up to 1500 rpm, the AREC is a suitable solution for applications at both low and high speed.