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High accuracy, fast cleaning of the micro disk cleaner, can be equipped with 8 or 16 claw flushing head, cleaning mode within the construction of fixed cross-aspiration, surface aspirate and micro-disk bottom for multi-point aspirate, to ensure the best cleaning efficiency, and without the need to replace any hardware equipment, you can carry out cell-related experimental cleaning. In addition to supporting the cleaning of micro-disks or cells in general
Model : HydroFlex™

HydroFlex™ micro dish cleaner


Integrated application flexibility

Each HydroFlex cleaner is equipped with microplate shaking and automatic buffer switching for ELISA washes andgentle cell washes. 

Optional user-interchangeable micro-disk carriers are also available for easy switching between cleaning and filtration applications

For bead cleaning, HydroFlex uses apatented bracket design with two neodymium magnets per well to ensure efficient bead settling.


Optional application module with user-replaceable micro-disk bearer for:

  • Automatic washing of ELISA and gentle cleaning of adherent cells
  • Efficient cleaning of Luminex-type beads using a patented vehicle design with 108 powerful neodymium magnets (xMAP® analysis)
  • Small magnetic beads are automatically cleaned using an array of 96 super-strong neodymium magnets, such as Dynabeads®MyOne™
  • Automated low-level vacuum filtration system for handling non-magnetic beads using bottom filter plates
  • Automated advanced vacuum filtration system for POST-PCR DNA purification


Choose a universal flushing head that supports all application modules:

  • 8-claw manifold for parallel cleaning of 8 wells
  • 16-claw manifold for parallel cleaning of 16 wells


Process control options for reliability and safety:

An optional level detection (LLD) system controls the level in the wash buffer and waste bottle and warns the user when critical levels are reached.

Personalize your HydroFlex micro dish cleaner

Choose your preferred color :

  • White (Standard)
  • Metallic silver
  • Metallic red
  • Metallic blue
  • Metallic orange
  • Lemon green


Ready for automation integration

Each HydroFlex can be integrated into the following automation platforms:

  • Freedom EVOlyzer® for ELISA automation
  • Freedom® EVO
  • Fluent®

HydroFlex™ micro dish cleaner

Typical performance values**

Parameters Characteristics
Display unit Liquid crystal display with two rows of 16 digits
Keyboard Four-key membrane keyboard
Number of dispensing channels 1, 2 or 4 channels
Manifold types 8- or 16-way for parallel processing of 8 or 16 wells
Volume of solution dispensed 50-3,000 μl in 50 μl steps (washing)
50-400 μl in 50 μl steps (dispensing)
Dispensing accuracy ≤1.2 % typical**
(300 μl dispense volume, dispense rate: 3, 8-way manifold)
Dispensing uniformity CV ≤2.5 % over the plate typical**
(300 μl dispense volume, dispense rate: 3, 8-way manifold)
Residual volume Crosswise aspiration: ≤1.8 μl per well (96-well, flat-bottom Greiner® plate)
(asp. rate: 3; asp. time: 4 sec; head speed: 10 mm/sec; 8-way manifold)
Vacuum range High-level vacuum filtration: -150 to -850 mBar absolute pressure
Low-level vacuum filtration: -50 to -150 mBar absolute pressure
Interface USB
Shaking Linear shaking; high, medium and low settings
Supply Auto sensing for the settings
100-120 V or 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Consumption 65 VA
External dimensions of plate washer Width: 27.5 cm, depth: 36.6 cm, height: 18.5 cm
Weight 6.6 kg
Color White (standard)/Metallic silver/Metallic red/Metallic blue/Metallic orange/Lime green

* * Specifications are subject to change. Typical performance values represent the average observed factory-tested values. For product specifications refer to operators manual.

HydroFlex™ micro dish cleaner

  • Automatic cleaning of ELISA, cell and protein arrays
  • Bead cleaning is performed using a powerful neodymium magnet
  • Two magnets per hole for efficient bead settling (patented design)
  • An automated system for vacuum filtration using vacuum sensors
  • Individual vacuum settings for each filtration step in the protocol
  • Control head wash position and speed settings for gentle cell washes
  • Up to two suction points per well to reduce residual volume
  • Simultaneous aspiration and dispensing for ELISA wash
  • Automatic buffer switching and micro-disc shaking function
  • Control up to four wash buffers
  • Suitable for machine integration
  • Reliability tested to minimize maintenance and service costs
  • IQ/OQ programs are available
  • Designed in accordance with IVD Directives 98/79/EC and 2011/65/EU RoHS (Reduction of Hazardous Substances)
  • Support for FDA 21 CFR Part 11 features and HydroControl™ software

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